Business Owners Fora is a Mobile Commerce Platform with a customer-facing app for targeted
marketing delivering personalized content to engage customers on their phone. The
app is a native iOS and Android App, not a responsive Website providing a single tap
sign-in convenience for customers to shop your business. No third-party website to
navigate, no URL and password to remember. Businesses can subscribe to the
platform either as a Marketplace vendor deploying the Fora Marketplace App or as a
White Label subscriber to have a branded app with your logo in the App Store and
Google Play Store.
The platform supports a wide range of industries including wholesale, retail,
hospitality, and more. With Fora, instead of passively waiting for customers to come to
you, the system will send push notifications to alert customers of new arrivals,
promotions, and special events. The app offers product viewing, 360 video viewing,
click-to-order catalog, in-app ordering, in-app messaging, secure tokenized payment,
and more. Designed for rapid deployment and requires no coding, your app will be
ready for deployment in a matter of days not months.
Setting up shop in Fora is easy. Click here to create your account and contact us at
510-261-1100 ext. 801 or to schedule your free 1-hour training
to get started with your free 30-day trial. Click here for pricing info.
Buyers & Consumers The Fora Marketplace App is the customer-facing component of Logiciel Mobile
Commerce Platform – Fora. The app is available for download from the App Store and
the Google Play store or via an invitation from a Fora Marketplace Vendor. Fora is
designed for businesses to better serve you, their loyal customers offering you
personalized content and the convenience to shop their business on your phone.
With the Fora Marketplace app, you will never miss a promotion or special offered by
your favorite businesses. You will receive a push notification each time they publish
new content. You can view their products, thumb through their catalogs, and place
orders on your phone. With in-app messaging - you can communicate in real-time with
the merchant to check product availability and order status. Furthermore, you can
easily configure the Fora Marketplace App to be your Personal Marketplace. Simply
use the app to search and add businesses of your choice to the app to populate your
Marketplace. With a single sign-in, you now can access all your favorite businesses
under the Fora App.
Scan the QR code with your mobile device to download the Fora Marketplace app. Ask
your favorite businesses to go to to set up an account in Fora so you
can shop their business easily on your phone.